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Goat Cheese Porridge Buddha Bowl

by Kabrita USA September 01, 2021

Kabrita’s Organic Goat Milk Porridge offers a great base for introducing other solids such as vegetables and goat cheese. We’re often partial to sweet starts but this savory porridge can’t be beat. Introducing new foods and flavors regularly is an excellent way to help expand your little one’s tastes. Get creative and use whatever veggies you have on-hand! Enjoy the texture and flavors of this savory breakfast recipe with your little one.

Bowl of porridge on a beige placemat



  • 3 tbsp of Kabrita Organic Goat Milk Porridge (Multigrain) combined with 7 tbsp of water (just under half a cup of water)
  • Handful of vegetables (we chose broccoli and carrots here, but other veggies would work also)
  • Goat cheese
  • 1 cup water


  1. Cut veggies to a manageable size for your little one.
  2. Add veggies, 1 cup water and a pinch of salt to a pot and place on stovetop over medium heat. Cover with a lid and allow the veggies to steam for 6 minutes. If your little one is still in the very early beginnings of food introduction, you can steam your veggies a little longer so that they are extra soft.
  3. Quickly rinse veggies under cold water so that they return to room temperature.
  4. Mix Kabrita Organic Goat Milk Porridge with water and combine until smooth.
  5. Add veggies on top of the porridge and crumble in some goat cheese – Enjoy!


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Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula may be an option for little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning and supplementing, or those with minor issues associated with cow milk sensitivity*.

*Not suitable for children with a confirmed cow milk protein allergy

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