by Annie Salsberg January 10, 2019

Goat’s milk and goat’s milk-based foods are becoming more common in the US, but some people may hesitate because they are uncertain about taste. Read on to learn about the factors that may affect the taste of goat milk and how KABRITA produces a high quality and delicious product your family will love.

Fresh, high-quality goat milk tastes sweet and mild, with little or no aftertaste. Farming practices, goat species and handling procedures may all play a role in the final product taste.

Farming practices

The goat milk used in KABRITA Goat Milk Formula and Goat Milk Powder is sourced from family farms in the Netherlands. These goats love to graze on fresh grasses. Our farmers adhere to a Dutch quality assurance program where the goats are never exposed to potentially harmful pesticides and antibiotics. Our goat milk meets strict European standards for non-GMO ingredients. The result is fresh, mild and delicious tasting goat milk.

Species of goat

Different goat species may produce goat milk with slightly different taste profiles. Both Dutch and American KABRITA family farms use Saanen goats, which are known for their mild, sweet milk taste.

Handling procedures

Proper handling of goat milk after milking is important for high-quality goat milk. KABRITA’s farmers are goat experts, and ensure that filtering and handling are of the highest standards, contributing to the overall mild taste of our goat milk.

Here’s what some Kabrita moms are saying about the taste of our products:

"The formula tastes really good"

"The yogurt has an awesome taste"

"My kids love the taste"

"Great taste!"

"It must taste pretty good because he sucked it down from the beginning"

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Both moms and kids love KABRITA’s goat milk formula, goat milk powder, and goat milk yogurt and fruit pouches! If you’d like to try the wonderful taste of KABRITA’s goat milk products and see if it’s right for your family, check out our special offer!

Annie Salsberg
Annie Salsberg

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