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Real Mom Story: Brandi & Rowan

by Lina Ristevska March 31, 2017

Making the switch to goat milk formula helped relieve this little one’s acid reflux and stomach discomfort. He also loves the taste which helped make transitioning a breeze!

By Brandi Bjorklund,

My milk had not come in and I had decided not to breastfeed my baby. The first week home from the hospital Rowan was handling his cow’s milk based formula well. And then things drastically changed!

He had frequent respiratory infections, acid reflux, severe gas, diarrhea, pain, and a distended stomach for months and months.

He required nose & mouth aspiration after each feeding, which prevented him from laying down for 2 hours after drinking his bottle!

We went through 5 formulas and 3 Pediatric Physicians before someone finally listened to us.

At age one, he underwent chiropractic care to help with his GERD.

Our chiropractor felt that along with medication and our pediatric doctor’s monitoring, that our son should switch formulas.

She gave me a list of three options and after researching I decided to try Kabrita because of all the vitamins and minerals it contained, and how safe it appeared to be. I was terrified to try ANOTHER new formula but after the first bottle no aspiration was necessary!!! After one week on KABRITA, the improvement was remarkable and evident. He also loved the taste from the beginning and the transition was very easy.

He now is now 20 months old, still on Kabrita, gaining weight and thriving!

KABRITA has been a god send, our whole family is happier and for our future children, this is something that will be a staple in our house!

Real Mom Stories (and Real Dad Stories!) is an ongoing series sharing the experiences of families with KABRITA Goat Milk Formula. By sharing our stories and experiences, we help one another make feeding and nutritional choices with confidence and joy. 

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Lina Ristevska
Lina Ristevska