by Annie Salsberg January 10, 2019

We are proud to be partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World – a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from harmful chemicals.

Healthy Child Healthy World was established more than 20 years ago with a mandate of creating a healthy and safe world for every child. We love the work this organization does to support the mission towards a healthier world for our little ones. Here are some of the reasons we’re excited to work with them:

Empowering Parents

Healthy Child Healthy World helps parents make responsible decisions by providing easy to understand educational resources that encourage parents take steps to protect children’s health. Simple, everyday choices can make an impact!

Shopping Healthy

Healthy Child Healthy World’s Shop Healthy program is a leading resource for parents and caregivers looking for safer, healthy products, brands and solutions for children’s health. Kabrita is thrilled to be part of the program and among other great companies with strong commitment to safer, greener products and practices. All products, brands and solutions meet Healthy Child Healthy World’s high Quality Standards, so you can be sure they’re great for your children. You can find Kabrita under baby care and food + nutrition.

Providing Solutions

By identifying safer alternatives to toxic products and working with companies to promote them, Healthy Child Healthy World is standing up for children’s health and transforming the marketplace. Their advocacy campaigns have been giving children’s health activists and supporters a voice for years and making great strides towards the safer products and corporate transparency parents need to make healthy choices for their families.

Influencing Policy

We love how Healthy Child Healthy World not only promotes, but makes big waves influencing policy in America to protect children’s health. Even United States First Lady Michelle Obama supports the organization, naming Healthy Child her favorite cause in Vanity Fair in 2011! Read more on what they’re doing to fight for a safer environment for children in America, here.

Find out more about Healthy Child Healthy World and all of their great initiatives, here.

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Annie Salsberg
Annie Salsberg

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