Toddler holding a bag of Kabrita Organic Goat Milk Porridge

Real Mom Story: Mariam’s Experience Feeding
Goat Milk-based First Foods to her Daughter

Every mom’s feeding experience is as unique as her baby. While the journey may be easy for some, others may struggle with many issues. Real Mom Story is a series on...

Toddler squatting next to a vegetable garden picking a bunch of beets

Quality and First Foods

While introducing solid food is a fun and exciting time for families, it may also come with questions and uncertainty. To help make the foo...
Kabrita farmer holding hands with his toddler boys as they walk out in the field of goats

Kabrita and COVID-19: A Message to our Community

As a Mom-led team, we know this is a challenging time for all. We have been assured by our Dutch regulatory team that there is no reason to doubt the safety of our for...

Formula comparison chart

Comparing Leading US and European Formulas

For Healthcare Professionals. 

Choosing the ideal formula for a healthy baby or baby with minor issues may be difficult for some parents and h...

Mom and baby cuddling, lying on the grass with kid goat

Goat Milk Nutrition for Pediatric Health Professionals

Online searches for the term ‘goat milk formula’ have almost doubled in the last five years. Are you prepared to counsel your patients on the benefits, indications and...
Smiling mother bottle feeding her baby

Formula Education Helps Mothers and Babies

For healthcare professionals.

An inside look at recent research reviewing the availability of formula advice for mothers who need it, and how that support ca...