by Lina Ristevska April 04, 2016

An inside look at goat whey protein concentrate why we include it in KABRITA goat milk formula and how it benefits children.

What is it?

Whey and casein are proteins found in milk. The goat whey protein concentrate used in KABRITA goat milk formula is sourced from dehydrated premium non-GMO liquid goat milk. Goat whey protein is a high quality source of protein and a critical macronutrient that supports a wide range of body functions, including structural support, healthy growth and development and a robust immune system.

Why do we add it?

Non-fat goat milk powder is the protein base for KABRITA goat milk formula. Like cow milk, goat milk contains less whey than casein proteins, in a ratio of 20:80. Breast milk has a whey to casein ratio of 60:40. Goat whey protein concentrate is added to KABRITA goat milk formula to adapt the ratio of whey to casein, in order to more closely match that found in breast milk. KABRITA goat milk formula has a whey to casein ratio of 50:50.

How much do KABRITA products contain?

KABRITA Goat Milk Toddler Formula contains 9% goat whey protein concentrate.


Behind the label is an ongoing series looking at the ingredients we choose to include in Kabrita products, in order to help parents make nutritional decisions for their family with confidence and joy.

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Lina Ristevska
Lina Ristevska

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