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Real Mom Story: Mary and Elliotte

by Lina Ristevska September 18, 2017

I was set on breastfeeding my little girl, Elliotte, and eventually ended up having to pump exclusively. I was constantly getting terrible mastitis from pumping, and knew I had to start weaning. When considering which formula to use, I wanted something that was easy to digest, gentle on her stomach, and overall a high quality option. I started asking friends about their experience with formula and doing my own research.

A friend of mine introduced me to KABRITA Goat Milk Formula, which she used with her daughter with excellent results. We started slowly adding Kabrita to Elliotte’s bottles of breastmilk, and she has been transitioning very well ever since. I’m still able to provide some breastmilk, but the majority of her bottles are KABRITA. She has had no digestive symptoms associated with the switch, and she seems to really love it!

I’m so grateful to have found KABRITA, and to have some freedom from exclusively pumping! I also have peace of mind knowing that I’m giving her a high quality, non-GMO formula that’s gentle on her stomach and she enjoys. Thank you KABRITA!


Lina Ristevska
Lina Ristevska